Last updated: 5/29/19

My current projects:

Candor – Along with my friend Tim Koelkebeck, our objective is to reconnect us with food, starting with a new standard of radical transparency. To fix a broken food system, companies and businesses must act in the interests of customers. Our early product line focuses on a coconut matcha latte and CBD. Visit our site here.

Terra Diet – Earth is our home and we need to start treating it as such. We don’t throw trash in our home, treat our pets poorly, or insult and impoverish those who cook or clean our dwelling. We should not treat Earth any differently. The Terra Diet is a set of principles for individuals to aspire to. We are currently creating Terra Circles in select cities. Reach out if you’d like to host.

Below the Drop Documentary – I am an Executive Producer and subject of a documentary exploring hunting as a meditation on death. So many of us eat meat and yet have never experienced taking the life of another. This disconnect makes it hard to see the impact that we’re having. Director and Sundance-award winner Barlow Jacobs created a deck here.

APEX Conscious Hunting Retreats – I guide a select group of influencers, thought leaders, investors, and friends on hunting retreats within the United States. This effort allows urban-dwellers, such as myself, to experience hunting for the first time in a friendly and easy manner. Most importantly, these experiences are mindful of sensibilities and the importance of reverence when taking life. Visit our page to apply.

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