My current projects:

Sacred Hunting – I am leading men through sacred rites of passage. They are experiencing death for the first time in an intimate and personal way. By bringing sacred traditions from indigenous cultures, I provide context to explore deeper relationships to our true selves. View our video and application here.

Mansal Denton Podcast – My podcast is an exploration of alternative ways of being on Earth. It started with my foray into hunting and foraging. It now encompasses how to live in a world and civilization that is clearly broken. iTunes link. RSS feed.

Below the Drop Documentary – I am an Executive Producer and subject of a documentary exploring hunting as a meditation on death. So many of us eat meat and yet have never experienced taking the life of another. This disconnect makes it hard to see the impact that we’re having. Director and Sundance-award winner Barlow Jacobs created a deck here.

Map of Indigenous Tribes of Texas – I’ve long been fascinated with history and indigenous wisdom traditions. I also happen to be a proud Texan. These combined to research and create a map of the indigenous tribes of Texas before Spanish and Anglo settlement. This map is created with fine archival paper and is meant to be artwork to adorn your walls. Visit the store to purchase here.

If you’d like to read some of my past book notes, or after-action hunting reports, please follow the links.

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