After-Action Reports, Guides, and Learnings,

In December 2017 I started bow hunting for the first time in an effort to develop a deeper connection to my food. I found a much deeper connection to more than just food – a deeper sense of masculinity, Higher Power, myself, nature, and an intimacy with death that informs how I lead life. I now lead sacred hunting experiences.

Since my first successful hunt, I have continued on numerous trips. I have created a few how-to guides based upon my continuing education.

In an effort to preserve the memories as well as the key takeaways, I have also created After-Action Reports.

Each tells a brief story of the experience and provides some details on the hunting education that I received. These may be purely entertainment for most and educational for others. Hunts are in order from most recent to oldest.

After-Action Reports

British Columbia, Canada – After-Action Report (Oct 2019) – I hunted with a good friend named Doug, whom I know from ayahuasca and plant medicine work. While we were unsuccessful hunting deer, we did kill a few grouse that I took home and shared with others. Well worth the trip.

Bighorn Mountains, Montana (Crow Reservation) – After-Action Report (Sep 2019) – Hunting free-ranging bison in the historic Bighorn mountain range with Crow Indians will remain one of the highlights of my life. It felt like looking back in time and a wild and expansive past. I brought home a single mule deer heart, but the experience (and the indigenous name “Little Beaver”!) were well worth it.

Molokai, Hawaii – After-Action Report (May 2019) – I have never seen so many deer in my life. This was by far the most enjoyable hunt I’ve ever been on from a “fun” perspective. It was not the most spiritually profound, but it had a lot to offer.

Kauai, Hawaii – After-Action Report (May 2019) – This was my second time hunting on public land and it was an unexpected opportunity. I got to hunt in the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, which was an incredibly cool experience.

700 Springs Ranch, Texas – After-Action Report (Jan 2019) – I hunted with my friend Austin Brawner and killed two whitetail nub/button bucks. One was within 5 minutes of hunting. The other was wounded and limping, a test of my ethics as a hunter. I also experienced an alert doe who “jumped the string” (dodged) two of my arrows.

Hunt, Texas – After-Action Report (Oct 2018) – After failing to kill an elk in Idaho, I hunted a large female bison in Texas. The hunt was very emotional. Alice (I named the bison after the hunt) took 3 of my arrows. The first would have killed her, but I asked the guide to put end it quickly for her sake. Bison tongue tacos and grilled heart were delicious the day.

Dripping Springs, Texas – After Action Report (Oct 2018) – Hunting on my friend Chris Johns’ 25 acre property, I had my first successful whitetail buck hunt. I setup my own blind on a trail that I could see whitetail were traversing. My patience (3-4 weekends in a row) paid off.

Sun Valley, Idaho – After-Action Report (Sep 2018) – Definitely the most challenging hunt I have ever experienced. We ranged 50 + miles in 7 days climbing up and down mountains in search of elk. I learned a lot with Marc Warnke. This was the subject of the documentary I’m currently a part of. More elaboration when that comes out.

Hunt, Texas – After-Action Report (Dec 2017) – This was my first hunt. I killed a black-buck antelope doe with a shot straight through the heart. I witnessed her family “mourn” (or what I judged to be sadness), which had a profound impact on me. This was one of the major catalysts for continuing to hunt and committing to the practice.




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