British Columbia – After Action Report

Hunt dates: Oct 2019
Written: Feb 2020


Hunting with my good friend Doug in British Columbia was different than what I expected and also incredibly enjoyable at the same time. The only knowledge of hunting in British Columbia that I had prior to my trip was archery hunters who go on long treks searching for moose or large mule deer. With that expectation of grandeur in mind, hunting in a mixture of on-foot and in Doug’s truck was… different.

And it was a fantastic opportunity to connect more with my friend Doug, a hunter who I met in January 2018 during an ayahuasca ceremony in Mexico. At that time in my life, I was newly navigating my relationship to death, to hunting, and he was one of the few men that I could connect with while on the trip. He told me of his cabin and 125+ acres that he purchased in the wilderness of British Columbia so I decided to join.

Doug’s cabin was incredible. It sat on a small pond/lake and it was surrounded by Crown land (public land equivalent in Canada). Thus we had access to vast swathes of land where we tried some spot and stalk with some deer. Given that Doug was similarly spiritually-motivated, it was nice to connect with the animal spirits, ask permission to be there and ask for Nature’s bounty. We each started the first day missing grouse (me with a bow and him with a .22 rifle).

The next couple of days we saw a few mule deer, but never had a good shot at one. It seems the number of deer is pretty low in that area (nothing like the density of whitetail in Texas!), but there were at least 3-5 grouse that we were able to kill. All in all, it was a fun trip. I’m glad I could visit Doug, see what hunting in Canada was like, and come home with some grub.

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Key Learnings:

#1. Ayahuasca in a uncomfortable setting makes it challenging to “go deep”. We had a ceremony, but due to the cold (outside) some pack rats, and flies, it was a bit challenging for me to drop in. Lesson learned. I have a lot more respect for people who go down to the jungle and can surrender amid all that chaos.

Cool Tidbits & Takeaways:

  • Mullein is a native plant that grows like a weed in British Columbia. Similar (same?) species also exist in Texas, but in smaller size. The mullein I brought back from BC is used for lung health among other things
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